21 11, 2018
  • Thomas Cole, The Consummation, The Course of the Empire 1836

Welcome to Take Time for Art’s Ancient Rome

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Studying Ancient Rome and looking for a great integrated art program?  Maybe your family has touched on some topics about Rome, and you would like to round out his or her knowledge.  Or perhaps your co-op needs a great art unit for next semester, or your family is looking for activities to do together

13 11, 2018
  • making connections through hands-on projects

Making Connections with Hands-on Projects!

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Why go to all of the trouble to do hands-on projects with your children?  We’re going to explore a few reasons, and zero in on one of the most important reasons of all- making connections with hands-on projects! Hands-on Can Be Difficult In our perfect world of homeschooling, we all dream of having that