21 11, 2018
  • Thomas Cole, The Consummation, The Course of the Empire 1836

Art Projects for Ancient Rome!

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Are you studying the Ancient Roman time period and looking for great art projects for Ancient Rome to share with your children?  Maybe your family has touched on some topics about Rome, and you would like to round out your children's knowledge.  Or perhaps your co-op needs a great art unit for next semester

13 11, 2018
  • making connections through hands-on projects

Making Connections with Hands-on Projects!

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Why go to all of the trouble to do hands-on projects with your children?  We’re going to explore a few reasons, and zero in on one of the most important reasons of all- making connections with hands-on projects! Hands-on Can Be Difficult In our perfect world of homeschooling, we all dream of having that