Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Take Time for art is an video art curriculum that is designed to integrate with most history curriculums. We tell an overview of history from an era and do it with art history images, maps, stories, and music. Then based on the images we’ve studied, we make great hands-on art projects. You know all those hands-on projects and art history books that you planned to do with your history unit but never got around to? We’ve got that covered!

We supply almost all the materials that you’ll need in our convenient art packs for each unit study. You’ll just need to supply simple things like scissors, tape, and glue.

You’ll need to purchase one art pack per student.

You’ll get great and entertaining video art lessons that integrate with your history unit showing your student hundreds of images of art telling stories from the historical time period. You’ll also get step-by-step how-to videos that show exactly how to make our projects. And we offer multiple levels of difficulty so that the entire family can participate together! In addition, you can purchase one subscription to use with your whole family! You only need to add art materials packs for each participant. Plus, we save you time by not having to shop for materials! That’s professional art lessons delivered to your home that integrate with your curriculum. And the whole family can use it. Now that’s a value!

That depends on how many days during the week you devote to Take Time for Art, and how long you spend on it each day. If you devote one hour per week to our art lessons, you should finish one unit in approximately one semester. We have a Day-by-Day guide that is available to each user when they purchase a video subscription.

We target an average beginning age of 10 years old and up, but many younger students have used this program successfully. It all depends on the individual student.  However, please keep in mind the younger the student, the more help they may need in completing these projects. In addition, we use balloons for some of our sculpture projects. Balloons can potentially be a choking hazard for students under 8.

Yes they can!  Just have your student complete two art units such as Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.  Keep track of their hours.  You’ll need 60 hours of credit for .5 high school credit hours.  Two of our units should give you approximately 6o credit hours.

Older students can be fairly independent with our curriculum, but all students should be supervised. We use scissors, cut cardboard, and use balloons for some projects. Supervision is always required.

Absolutely! Take Time for Art is a stand alone art curriculum that is designed to be fun and fascinating whether you are studying a particular period of history or not.

Yes! Our Day-by-Day Directions have suggestions for how to use the curriculum for art classes and co-ops. We try to make it easy for you!

We do! Just contact us on our contact page. Tell us how many students you have, and we’ll send you discount information. We can send you an invoice that you can pay online. Once we receive the payment, we’ll ship the materials to one address.

Currently, we do not, but instead, we simply ask that you purchase a subscription for each class that uses our program. Teaching several art classes in your co-op? Just purchase one subscription per class as if each class were a family subscription.

We do not currently have dvds, but keep checking back. That may be in our future.