Studying Ancient Egypt and looking for a great integrated art program that includes great art projects for Ancient Egypt?  Maybe your family has touched on some topics about Egypt, and you would like to round out your child’s knowledge.  Or perhaps your co-op needs a great art unit for next semester, or your family is looking for art projects to do together over a school break.  Whatever the reason, welcome to Ancient Egypt!

What can you expect?

In each of our units, you can expect great history told in stories with great art history images and hands-on projects.  We put the visuals on history. That means when we study Ancient Egypt, we show images of characters from Egypt painted and sculpted particularly for their tombs.  We also talk about their belief in the afterlife and contrast it with Christianity. At Take Time for Art, we put art in the context of history and teach from a Christian worldview.

But we do more than just look at great art. At Take Time for Art, we make real art based on real art.  That means that in Ancient Egyptian Art when we look at the beautiful Egyptian mummy masks, visit the mask of King Tut, and talk about how the masks were made, we then make our own version of an Egyptian mummy mask.  In addition, we offer simple and more complicated versions so that most of your family can participate together and at their level. 

What art projects are included in Ancient Egyptian Art?

1.  An Egyptian Mummy Mask

2.   A color wheel project

3.  An Egyptian Tomb painting

4.  An Air-dry clay project of an Egyptian tomb sculpture based on William the Hippo from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

And then there’s our wonderful Complete Art Materials Packs! 

We get that you are busy and that’s why we offer our materials packs.  You can choose our Complete Materials Pack which includes everything you need to complete our projects except for simple things such as scissors, tape, and glue. The items listed below are included in our Complete packs. 

2-3 rolls of plaster gauze *

Amaco air-dry clay

3-2 oz acrylic craft paints (gold, black, turquoise)

1- acrylic paint strip (interconnected paint cups)

plastic mask form *

3- sheets of watercolor paper

watercolor paint

paint palette

mask templates *

5- 8. x 11 cardboard sheets *

twin tip permanent marker

But you may be a family that has a well-stocked craft closet.

You may have many of the items on our list already. In that case, you will be interested in our Essentials Pack. This pack includes harder-to-find items. The items in the Essential Pack have an (*) in the list above. Keep in mind that you will need all the items on the list in order to complete the projects for our video streaming course, Ancient Egyptian Art.

Check out our coupons for our art materials packs here.

What ages of students work best for Take Time for Art?

Although many younger students have successfully used Take Time for Art, we work best for ages 8, 9, or 10 and up.  That means that if you have a student in second, third, or fourth grade and higher,  we’ve got you covered!  And did you know you can even use our programs for high school credit?  Just do two of our units, keep track of your hours, and encourage your student to try the more complicated projects.  This should comprise about 60 hours of work or .5 units of high school elective credit for art. You can read more about using Take Time for Art for High School credit hereHave more questions?  Check out our FAQs.

Take a look at our product page for more information about Ancient Egyptian Art.  We have a preview video and information about pricing.  Want free shipping?  Just purchase three art materials packs or more and automatically get free shipping at our checkout!

We truly want to help you bring hands-on art to your family and make it relevant, fun, and fascinating.  Plus we teach from a Christian worldview.  It’s a good day to Take Time for Art.