27 06, 2017
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6 Reasons Not to Include Hands-on in Your Homeschool

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Are hands-on learning projects in your homeschool really worth the time and bother they bring to your homeschool day? Read on and find out. Here are six reasons not to include hands-on learning in your homeschool day. 1. The Mess of Hands-on Learning! Let’s face it. Hands-on Learning is Messy! You are the type

16 06, 2017

Use One of the Best Art Curriculums for Homeschoolers

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At Take Time for Art, we create one of the best art curriculums for homeschoolers because we link it with history.  That means that we tell the story of history using great iconic art images that you want your children to remember as well as art images that are lesser known but really interesting.