Ancient Greece art projectsAre hands-on learning projects in your homeschool really worth the time and bother they bring to your homeschool day? Read on and find out. Here are six reasons not to include hands-on learning in your homeschool day.

1. The Mess of Hands-on Learning!

Let’s face it. Hands-on Learning is Messy! You are the type of person that likes clean all of the time. It’s worth it to you to sacrifice instilling creativity in your children for a clean house. Clean houses rule! Creativity and having your children use all those areas of their brains- not so important.

2. The Time Hands-on Learning Takes!

Hands-on learning projects require you to spend time planning, shopping, and doing. It takes time to make that Greek Warrior’s Helmet or that Egyptian Mummy Mask. You don’t have time in your day to sacrifice in order to make things, even if it is a blast! You are just too busy.

3. The Worksheets!

Worksheets are very important elements of your homeschool. When children complete a worksheet, you feel completed. They are neat, tidy, and stack well into a folder. Hands-on projects won’t fit into your filing cabinet. And they don’t come with answer sheets.

4. The Test!

Test results are really, really important to you. After all, test results prove that you are doing a good job as a homeschool mom. You are convinced that the more your children drill their skills, the better their test results. Never mind all the research that shows that hands-on learning projects and art projects actually raise children’s test scores. Your practical side tells you that the research must be wrong. Read more about the Benefits of an Arts Education from Moms Love Best.

5. The Fun of Hands-on Learning!

School was never fun when you were growing up. Why should it be fun for your children? Yes, hands-on learning projects are interesting, and your children do seem to light up whenever you have tried them in your homeschool, but school is serious business. Your children need their noses to the the grindstone. Learning is work.

6. The Future!

Let’s face it, academics are important. You are raising future Harvard graduates. In order to get into a great college and have a great career, you’ve got to put in your work now. That doesn’t include time for hands-on creative projects. The ACT and SAT are in the future! Your kids need to practice! Oh sure, colleges like to see students who are well rounded, creative, and risk takers. But you know the bottom line means GPAs and test scores. If your children don’t get into Yale, you’ll feel like a failure!

Perhaps I’m being a bit satirical? Could be! After all, I did create a hands-on art curriculum that links with history units. Not only that, but it’s video based, teaches great art history and has wonderful art projects. We also provide almost all of the art materials you’ll need to do great hands-on art with your children. We make hands-on art fun and easy! And we make your history unit come alive!