Most entrepreneurs will agree that starting a business is not easy.  So why would I learn to make movies and go through all the pain of starting a business around educational art videos?  In a word, passion.  Helping homeschoolers integrate history with art history and hands-on art projects is a passion.

I remember those days of homeschooling my own children when I knew there was so much more we could do with art history and hands-on art if I only had time to do the research, tell the stories, plan the art projects and find the materials.  Just like you, I was a very busy homeschool mom and there wasn’t time to do all of that planning!  But now I can do it for you and your children.

Face it; we all want good quality hand-on projects with our history unit studies.  We also want our kids to have good art appreciation.  What if we could combine it all together?  Good quality art projects based on art history that tells the story of the history unit you are studying all on video!  And art materials that come in a box to your home!  In addition, your kids will have a great time.  That’s what passion will do for you! Go ahead, Take Time for Art!